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Eco friendly countertop options

jobba hemifrån vilka jobb Are you looking for an eco friendly alternative for countertops? I was reading an article by The Daily Green and found these two choices interesting.

اخبار تداول اسهم الجزيرة تكافل PaperStone Surface

låna pengar från forex PaperStone surfaces are made from 100 percent post-consumer paper waste. The paper is compressed into a solid block, then covered in natural resin. It is strong, durable, it provides a lifetime of stain resistance and absorbs virtually no water. Available through الاشتراك في شاشة تداول الاسهم مباشر 08  images (1)

حكم تجارة الفوركس Icestone Recycled Glass and Concrete Surface

تداول الاسهم الامارات This option removes waste from our local landfills. IceStone countertops are fashioned from recycled glass and concrete. Produced by an environmentally friendly manufacturing process involving wind and natural light, IceStone surfaces rival the strength of quarried stone while actively reducing landfill waste and CO2 emissions. Available through ارباح اسهم اسمنت الجوف images  images (2)

التحليل الفني للفوركس For the full article and additional eco friendly options click here

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Look what a little paint can do!

There is no need to live with outdated brick or wall paneling. Here is a great example of what a little paint can do! Before and afters of a home we consulted on prior to selling.
fireplace after 1362408281761brick before 2013-03-03_10-54-40_8372012-10-07_17-50-53_387  1362408278744 polskie platformy forex Jun

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How many people can we fit in the pantry?

I love the hidden pantry at our Sciuga home in the Parade of Homes.  We decided to see how many people we could fit in it.  There are 16 here and I think we could have squeezed in at least 10 more if we had tried :-)

pantrycrowd in pantry



Fun finds at the Parade of Homes

I am loving this fabric canopy seen at the Loscombe home. I might do it without an actual headboard and treat the fabric as the headboard.  Love the concept!


loscombe hearthstone


Come visit us at the 2014 Parade of Homes!

The 2014 Parade of Homes runs 6/7 – 6/22.  One more week!  Hours are M-F, 1:00 – 8:00 pm, Sat. and Sun. 11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.  You will find us in the home we helped design and decorate, the Sciuga home. The Parade of Homes is located at The Farmstead, Lynneville Way, Clay, NY 13039

parade home parade home 2 parade home 3sciuga kitchen


No Mowing Needed!

mowing lawn


Color Inspiration

Where do you get your color inspiration? Drawing from nature can give you wonderful palettes. Oreo cows set against green grass I see on the way up to camp work well to create this brown, cream, and green palette. Looking up through the branches of this crepe myrtle shows colors that are bright and bold and work well together.color inspiration


Tips for design success

859535_537048442995521_1916518648_oTips for Design Success!
Lets face it not everyone has that huge dream home with high ceilings and an open floor plan for entertaining. In fact you may find that some of the rooms in your house feel small and cramped.

Before you hire the contractor and start taking walls down try a day of painting first. If you don’t have a huge open floor plan you must have at least two rooms in your house that are connected or adjacent to each other. Rather than having a different paint color in each room try painting the two rooms the same color. This will make a huge difference and will make the space seem much larger!


A splash of spring color



photo 1

A Splash of Spring Color

Painting with new colors for a new season is a great way to redo the look of a room without bringing all of your accessories and decor down from the attic. One, your space will have less decor and not feel so cluttered and two, your room will feel new and refreshing.

Take a note from the fashion industry! For the upcoming spring, use Red Tomato, Apple Orchard, Tangerine, or Fun Yellow. These are soft, bright colors and are great when paired with neutral hues.

You can paint an entire room or you can paint small furniture pieces with these colors or simply accessorize with them. Try painting the legs of a table or use bold accent pillows on a neutral sofa. See what you can come up with and share your spring DIY projects with us!